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Secondhand Vintage Style: Thrift Iconic Looks!

Fast fashion is out, and timeless style is in! Thrifting and shopping secondhand are no longer just budget-friendly options; they’re a way to curate a unique wardrobe filled with character and history. Embrace the secondhand vintage style to translate iconic vintage looks into wearable outfits for today. Look no further than these legendary style icons:

1. The Effortless Parisian Chic of Jane Birkin:

Jane Birkin in London, 1973
  • Icon: Jane Birkin, the French muse, embodied a relaxed yet chic aesthetic in the 70s.
  • Signature Look: Think Breton stripes, high-waisted jeans, flowy blouses, and straw baskets.
  • Secondhand Score: Find a classic striped T-shirt, a pair of vintage Levi’s, and a floaty white blouse at your local secondhand store. Layer a chunky knit sweater over the blouse for cooler days. Finish the look with a wicker bag (bonus points for a vintage find!).

2. The Audacious Glam of Diana Ross:

Diana Ross at the Motion Picture Pioneer of the Year Awards Dinner Honoring Dr. Jules Stein, 1978
  • Icon: The Supremes’ Diana Ross was a queen of flamboyant style.
  • Signature Look: Bold colors, sequins, jumpsuits, and statement hats.
  • Secondhand Score: Hit the thrift stores with an open mind! Look for brightly colored maxi dresses, sequined jackets, or a funky jumpsuit. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns – vintage offered a feast for the eyes! Top off your look with a wide-brimmed hat for a touch of Diana’s star power.

3. The Cool Cat Style of James Dean:

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, 1955.
  • Icon: The epitome of effortless cool, James Dean’s style transcended eras.
  • Signature Look: White T-shirts, leather jackets, and dark jeans.
  • Secondhand Score: This look is all about finding the perfect basics. Search for a crisp white tee, a timeless black leather jacket (consider a secondhand vegan alternative!), and dark wash slim-fit jeans. The key is quality and fit – look for pieces that feel lived-in, not worn out.

4. The Sophisticated Edge of Bianca Jagger:

Bianca Jagger at a Rolling Stones Party, 1973.
  • Icon: Bianca Jagger, the Studio 54 icon, rocked a blend of sharp tailoring and feminine touches.
  • Signature Look: Tailored pantsuits, maxi dresses, and statement scarves.
  • Secondhand Score: Look for a well-tailored blazer and matching trousers for a chic pantsuit. Maxi dresses are a secondhand vintage style treasure – you’ll find unique prints and silhouettes that won’t break the bank. Finish your look with a vintage silk scarf tied around your neck or in your hair.

Remember: When shopping secondhand, the key is to have fun and embrace the thrill of the hunt! These are just a few starting points – the possibilities for creating your own unique secondhand vintage style look are endless. So, get out there, explore those thrift stores, and unleash your inner style icon!

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