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At, we’re thrilled to give you the chance to snag your next favorite pre-loved treasure at a price that works for you. Here’s how our “Make an Offer” feature works:

Love an Item, But the Price Isn’t Quite Right?

We understand! Many of our unique vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind finds. If you’ve spotted a pre-loved gem that sparks joy, but the listed price isn’t exactly in your budget, feel free to make an offer!

Here’s How to Make an Offer:

  1. Find Your Perfect Pre-Loved Piece: Browse our curated collection of clothing and homeware.
  2. Submit Your Offer: Simply fill out the form below and enter the amount you’re comfortable paying and any additional information you’d like to share.
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A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • We reserve the right to accept, counter, or decline your offer.
  • Competitive offers are more likely to be accepted, especially for popular items.
  • Be reasonable with your offer amount. We price our items fairly based on condition, brand, and rarity.

The Joy of the Haggle:

Making an offer adds a fun and interactive element to the shopping experience. It allows you to potentially score a fantastic deal on a piece you truly love. So, don’t be shy – submit your offer today!

We look forward to helping you find your next pre-loved treasure at!