110% Effort Tee

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Unleash his inner go-getter with this Joe Fresh tee. Featuring a bold “Giving Your 110 Percent” graphic and made from comfy 100% cotton, this brand new (with tag!) tee is an extra-large dose of motivation for boys.

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Channel your inner champion and give it your 110% effort with this motivating Joe Fresh long-sleeve tee. The bold “110% Effort” graphic is a constant reminder to push his limits, work hard, and chase his dreams. Whether he’s hitting the soccer field, conquering a challenging school project, or mastering a new skill, this tee inspires him to give it his all.

Comfy Support for Every Adventure

Made from 100% cotton, this long-sleeve tee is as comfortable as it is inspiring. The breathable fabric keeps him comfy all day, whether he’s working hard in gym class or playing hard at recess. Perfect for active boys on the go, this tee moves with him and keeps him cool and confident throughout the day.

Brand new! Win-win for wallet & planet! Pre-loved = sustainable choice.

An Extra-Large Dose of Motivation

This 110% Effort Tee is a daily reminder to chase dreams, work hard, and never give up. It’s the perfect addition to any active boy’s wardrobe and a great conversation starter. Shop pre-loved and inspire him to reach for the stars! This tee is more than a shirt, it’s a symbol of determination and a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Sustainable style that motivates him to achieve his goals – a win-win for both of you!

Plus, because this tee is brand new with tags, you’re getting a fantastic deal while giving pre-loved clothing a second life. It’s a win for your wallet and a win for the planet!

Inspire Confidence and Achievement

The “110% Effort” message isn’t just about sports or schoolwork. It’s about instilling a can-do attitude in everything he does. This tee encourages him to put his best foot forward, face challenges head-on, and never settle for anything less than his best. It’s a confidence booster that will help him achieve great things throughout his life.

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