Moroccan Brass Wall Plate

$48.00 CAD

Crafted from gleaming brass and boasting an intricate etched Moroccan design, this pre-loved wall plate adds a touch of exotic elegance to any room.

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More than just decoration, this stunning Moroccan brass wall plate is a portal to Morocco’s rich artistic heritage. Skilled Moroccan artisans, known as Maalem, etched the plate, capturing centuries-old artistry with intricate designs. The warm brass adds timeless elegance and a touch of Moroccan flair, complementing any décor style from bohemian to modern minimalist.

A conversation starter steeped in history, this Moroccan wall plate begs to be examined. Its alluring origins and intricate details spark curiosity, inviting guests to inquire about its story.

Imagine the Maalem who meticulously etched this plate, carrying on a metalworking tradition passed down through generations. Picture it gracing the walls of a luxurious Moroccan riad, a boutique hotel, or a traditional family home. Perhaps it was a cherished souvenir from a captivating journey through bustling souks and enchanting marrakesh squares.

Moroccan brass wall plates often feature symbolic designs that hold cultural significance. Geometric patterns, like those you might find on this plate, represent order, balance, and perfection in the universe. Floral motifs, like arabesque designs or budding flowers, symbolize nature and new beginnings. This piece not only adds beauty to your home, but also offers a window into Moroccan culture and symbolism.

Choosing a pre-loved Moroccan brass wall plate is a sustainable choice. It gives a beautiful piece a second life and reduces environmental impact. Durable brass ensures you can enjoy this piece and its rich history for years to come. This is a unique opportunity to add a touch of Moroccan artistry and alluring flair to your home, while also supporting sustainable shopping practices.

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