Vintage Brass Duck Bookends

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These totally awesome vintage brass bookends are shaped like duckies! Super cute and totally strong, they’ll keep your books upright and add a touch of quack to any bookshelf.

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Level up your bookshelf with these super cool vintage brass duck bookends! Made from real brass (like a treasure!), these bookends are super strong, not just totally cute. At 16 cm tall, they’ll keep your fave comics, graphic novels, or even your school textbooks from toppling over like dominoes.

These vintage duck bookends are guaranteed to get you likes on your Insta! Their one-of-a-kind style will add a pop of personality to your room, no matter if it’s your home office, your living room to show off your latest finds, or even your bedroom. Just imagine the jealous stares from your friends when they see these awesome duck bookends holding up your most prized reads!

Need a gift for the ultimate bookworm in your squad? Look no further! These vintage brass bookends are a totally unique and thoughtful present that your bestie will use forever. Book lovers will dig how functional they are, plus they’ll love the vintage vibes these bookends bring.

Here’s what makes these vintage brass duck bookends the coolest bookends ever:

  • Solid brass, for real: These bookends are built to last, and they’ve got this cool aged look that makes them look like a pirate treasure!
  • Super cute duck design: Way cooler than boring old bookends. These ducks will make your bookshelf the envy of your whole school.
  • Strong enough for anything: Even your heaviest books won’t be able to knock these duck bookends over. They’re the perfect way to keep your stuff organized.
  • Vintage and one-of-a-kind: These bookends are like a secret handshake for people who love unique stuff. Plus, they make a way more awesome gift than anything you’d find in a regular store.