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If you’re like us you’re constantly searching for shows to watch during your precious spare time. We prefer shows over movies simply because binge-watching a series lasts longer, therefore eliminating the need to choose something new every time we sit down. Although, there’s nothing like a good movie from time to time when your show is feeling a bit tired. Here are 3 show series recommendations for when you’re looking for something to enjoy.

The Block is an Australian competition reality show for those who love home improvement and renovation. Each season 4-5 couples compete to completely renovate derelict buildings into stylish homes. The show is filled with drama, comedy, and suspense. There are 12 season of The Block available on Prime Video.

Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home is like a vintage television cooking show that’s available on Prime Video. American chef Julia Child and French chef Jacque Pepin work together to show viewers how to prepare various French and American dishes. Perfect for any aspiring at-home chef.

Survivor is a reality TV classic. We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. Contestants are stranded in a remote location and must compete physically and socially to survive. If you’re like us and you’ve already watched all 40 seasons of Survivor (US), there are plenty of other Survivor series from different countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Let us know if you’ve seen any of our recommendations and what your thoughts are about them. Tell us what you’re watching in the comments below!

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