Kids’ Cotton Beanie

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This charming light purple cotton beanie by Mexx features a sweet white string bow, perfect for ages Medium (54 cm).Brand new with tag!

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This charming kids’ cotton beanie by Mexx is crafted from 100% natural cotton, making it a soft, comfortable, and breathable choice for your child. The breathable cotton keeps your child warm and cozy during active play, ensuring their head stays comfortable even when they’re on the move. Unlike synthetic materials that can trap heat and cause sweating, cotton allows for natural airflow, keeping your child’s head from overheating. The cotton fibers are naturally absorbent, wicking away moisture to keep your child dry and comfortable all day long.

Sized specifically for children’s size Medium (54 cm), this kids’ cotton beanie offers a comfortable fit that grows with your child. The stretchy cotton allows for plenty of movement, so your child can play freely without feeling restricted. The cuffed design provides additional warmth and security around your child’s ears, keeping them snug and comfortable even on the coldest days.

A sweet white string bow adds a whimsical touch to this kids’ cotton beanie, making it a standout accessory. The light purple color is versatile and complements a variety of styles, making this kids’ cotton beanie a great choice for any outfit. Imagine your child bundled up in this adorable beanie, with the cute white bow adding a touch of sweetness. They’ll be ready to conquer the day in style and comfort, whether they’re playing in the snow, exploring the park, or simply cuddling up with a good book!**

Brand new with tag, this kids’ cotton beanie is an ideal gift or a must-have winter accessory for your child. Plus, choosing pre-loved clothing from Secondhand Seller is a sustainable way to keep your child warm and stylish. Cotton is a natural and renewable resource, and by choosing pre-loved clothing, you’re reducing textile waste and your environmental impact.

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