Woven Hanging Basket

$18.00 CAD

This rustic woven hanging basket adds warmth and natural texture to your space. Measuring 25 cm wide, it’s perfect for displaying plants, candles, or decorative items indoors or outdoors.

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Natural Beauty, Endless Uses: Woven Hanging Basket

This charming Woven Hanging Basket, crafted from natural woven fibers in a warm brown hue, adds a touch of rustic elegance to your indoor or outdoor space. Its versatility extends beyond housing plants. Measuring 25 cm wide, 15 cm high, and with a 58 cm drop, it offers ample space for displaying a variety of plants or decorative items.

Thriving Indoor Oasis

  • Create a lush indoor jungle with ferns, cascading pothos vines, or colorful flowering plants.
  • Grow your own fresh herbs like basil, oregano, or rosemary.

More Than Just Greenery

  • Cozy Candlelight: (Use with caution and flame retardant liner) Place a small candle inside for a warm ambiance. The woven texture will cast a beautiful pattern of light.
  • Stylish Storage: Fill it with colorful throw blankets or decorative pillows for a touch of functionality and rustic charm.
  • Playful Touches: In a child’s room, use it to store stuffed animals or small toys, keeping their space organized and adding a playful touch.

Sustainable Choice

Secondhandseller.ca is committed to offering eco-conscious homeware options. Choosing pre-loved treasures like this Woven Hanging Basket reduces environmental impact compared to buying new.

Secondhand Finds, Endless Possibilities

  • Hanging Hardware Not Included: Please note that this hanging basket does not include any hanging hardware. You will need to purchase hooks, chains, or other suitable mounting hardware separately (depending on your desired hanging method).
  • Durable Construction: The woven material ensures sturdiness and weather resistance, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.